Telecom services and fibre leasing

We lease fibers and offer wholesale data transmission services for business customers.

Fibre lease

Fibre optic lease service is provided on the basis of own fiber optic cable network as well as infrastructure that is managed and maintained for third parties. We have fiber optic contacts with domestic operators.


Data transmission

We provide fast, broadband connections in selected locations based on our own as well as managed ICT network. The service enables the Customer to be connected at a bandwidth ranging from 1 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s. Access links are made as fiber optic links terminated with electrical contacts or Gigabit Ethernet optical contacts.


Satellite communications

We provide satellite links with fixed parameters of signal transmission in any location. We also use the solution as a backup link, which is of strategic importance and ensures uninterrupted communication. Satellite link technology is as independent of terrestrial infrastructure as possible, with the result that there is no risk of loss of communication due to fiber, copper or transmission/reception system failure.


Our offer also includes backup for digital transmissions based on satellite technologies and solutions allowing for networking of distributed locations through satellite Internet access systems, including a separate network dedicated to a single contractor.