Service, outsourcing and infrastructure management

We provide service, maintenance, operation and management of IT, telecommunication, power and security infrastructure.


  • Operational network management and reconfiguration
  • Record-keeping and maintenance of the passporting regime
  • Regular reviews and measurements within an individually agreed scope
  • Supervision of work carried out by third parties within the customer network
  • Issuing Technical Terms and Conditions for the relocation of colliding facilities and performance of acceptance tests
  • Keeping a material and spare part warehouse
  • Reporting to Office of Electronic Communications (concerning telecom networks)
  • Replacement of wear parts
  • Maintenance of cleanliness and proper condition of equipment
  • Support in expansion planning, preparation of concepts and analyses


  • Dedicated telephone service 24/7
  • Identification of faults in the SLA guaranteed time (we offer service team on-call duty option
  • Starting the repair in a SLA guaranteed time (we offer service team on-call duty option
  • Keeping a warehouse of materials necessary to carry out repairs
  • Representing the customer before insurers and obtaining compensation for any damage.
  • Cashless fault elimination against the perpetrator’s third party liability policy.

Operation of infrastructure

We specialize in the management, maintenance and development of ICT systems (copper and fiber optic networks, aerial and underground, active telecom equipment with power supply, radio base stations implemented in various technologies). For customers from the local government sector, we offer the service of a telecommunication infrastructure operator. One of the companies of the Technitel Group – Infratel – has the status of a telecommunication entrepreneur.