Electric vehicle charging stations

We supply, assemble and commission DC and AC stations.
We offer delivery and installation of charging stations for electric vehicles of DC (fast)

and AC (standard) type. We have extensive experience in the installation of charging equipment throughout Poland.

Why we?

  • Experience

    We have extensive experience in the construction of charging stations

  • Reliable equipment

    We supply proven DC and AC stations from renowned manufacturers

  • Comprehensive implementation

    We will design, install and service your charging stations

We offer delivery and installation of high quality vehicle charging stations from renowned manufacturers. We are an authorized partner and certified installer of Garo brand chargers. As one of few companies in Poland, we may account implementation of numerous installations of DC type stations, designed for quick charging. Since

2017, we been delivering and installing charging equipment for the PGE Group. Our offer

covers the complete construction of a charging station, starting with the design, through the construction of the connection, the creation and installation of a parking space equipment , delivery, installation and commissioning of the charger, and ending with its servicing.

We are a supporting member of the Polish Alternative Fuels Association

Learn more about the offered station models

Vehicle AC charging station
Quick vehicle DC charging station
Very fast DC vehicle charging station (DC-HV)

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