Construction of infrastructure

We design, build and service telecommunication, power, gas and sanitary infrastructure.


Our offer in the field of telecommunications infrastructure construction is based on the rich experience of Technitel Polska S.A., which is a leader in the construction of modern, innovative optical networks. As one of the first in Poland, already in 2008 we made FTTH networks in the microducting and aerial technology. Our main assets include our own, qualified engineering staff, boasting the highest competence in welding and measuring fiber optics, our own design studio employing several telecommunication designers, as well as a team of works managers with building permissions and experience in conducting complex projects.

Our clients include both the largest nationwide and local telecommunication operators, as well as a few from outside our country. As a main contractor we have also built numerous fiber optic networks for local governments in a turnkey formula. We also have

extensive experience in relocating colliding telecommunication networks at the biggest
road and building projects.


Power engineering

Zakład Obsługi Energetyki Sp. z o.o., a part of the Technitel Group since 2014, offers a wide range of services

  • high, medium and low-voltage substations
  • high, medium and low-voltage lines
  • transformers of groups I, II, III
  • compensation units
  • banks of batteries, rectifiers and inverters
  • current and voltage transformers
  • surge arresters
  • protection automatics systems
  • communication and tele-mechanical equipment
  • installation of radio-controlled switch disconnectors
  • installation of MV/LV overhead and container stations and balancing control systems
  • maintenance and testing of group III transformers and 110/kV transformers
  • supply and installation of electric vehicle charging stations (read more)


Our company Technigas Sp. z o. o. deals with comprehensive implementation of gas infrastructure

  • Professional consulting in the field of implementation of gas network construction, connection and installation projects with reduction and measurement points
  • Detailed designs of gas networks, gas connections and internal gas installations
  • Construction of gas networks and connections for medium and low pressure
  • Construction and modernization of gas measurement facilities, reduction and metering units
  • Construction of internal gas systems, including supply of equipment